Why Having No Plan is a Plan in Itself

Flipping through the “how-to” and motivation books before I finally plan my business idea sounds like a fancy dream and works for many too. But, as they say, not everyone is same, we all differ just like the fingers. Similarly, you all are different in your own good ways and beauty lies in finding the jigsaw parts of yourself in things that interest you. Right from counting stars at night to finding a way to fit in this world might be a task for you, not everyone is supposed to be perfect with a Plan A and Plan B in life. Some are meant to wander, lost and search. Like me, like you.

Go with the flow

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them on your salad. So is the case with threats and opportunities. If you become too thirsty for success and in order to find the right opportunity, you would end be drinking your misery from every cup of help offered to you. That poisons sometimes. So, go ahead with a true and honest intention, believe in yourself and follow you dreams. Most importantly, our dreams are made of exactly the same thing our souls are. It’s important to choose, nurture and retain them forever to never lose on the essence of your being. You can start with an internship, a study course or even self-learning helps for people in arts like writing, photography etc.

Take the risk

Because we all do, or say successful people do. Steve Jobs would have never ended up with the sleek minimalist Mac we fancy about if he won’t have taken that big a risk.  Chances are you might fail, but what if you fly? Pose a question to any successful entrepreneur ever and they would all tell you that risk is a beautiful thing ever happened to them. Not because it’s good to lose your assets, wealth, hard-earned money at a go, there’s a thing called “calculated risk”- forget it. Yes, because you got one life and I’m no preacher- but you might be just a risk closer to your plan. Maybe. Think about it.

Plans go haywire. Live-Breathe-Love

As students, we all have fondest memories of preparing assignments, projects, models and such educational stuff. After investing weeks and hours of blood and sweat, they end up dusting at a corner. You never touch them or open them for any future reference, right? So are our plans. We scribble them day and night in a hope to live them. However, they look just perfect in your business classes where machines are produced and slaves are polished. You’re not mean to be one of them. Ditch that planner, breathe in your plans, breathe them out with your acts.

Believe in your gut feeling

There’s a beauty in belief and self-belief is quite an underrated philosophy. Whether or not we like it, we all do love to spoil ourselves at some point in lives. Those who can’t listen to the voice within become addicts while the rest, they pass the test. The test of gut feeling. Having said that, you all experience events and times when you get a positive and negative feeling of taking things up. Practice meditation, yoga and build your concentration and focus. Understand the vibes you get from your dream plan and channel all your energy to achieve them

Start Slow, Start Strong

There’s absolutely no reason to rush and hustle into your plans. Take them slow, one step at a time. Talk with potential peers, build a community of like-minded people, take suggestions, review your work and assess your progress each day. Sleep on your thoughts and unfinished tasks. Make them real by dreaming them with eyes wide open. You’re just going to be fine!