Why being a Single Unmarried Indian Girl is Totally Cool

unmarried girl india

Yes, I am an unmarried Girl who shuffles between jobs with not a care for security, juggles in metro cities, works restlessly to deliver within deadlines. On some days, you impulsively shop, hog, PMS on most, lie like a sloth bear on your sofa on weekends with no pants, no bra on. Yeah, you’re cool like that.

You’re a single Indian woman who breathes life as it comes, hustle to grab the right opportunity, fall once gets up thrice. Are you a Twenty five to thirty-something woman tired of hearing being labelled as one? Well, your parents are probably worried. No, definitely worried. And the society, it’s poking you since forever.

You’re basically binge watching and babysitting your friend’s kids which are not at all bad. I mean, look at those cute little monsters, they’re not killing your vibe. And plus, your favourite channel isn’t Baby Tv. You have better things to tick off, for instance, your bucket list that features exotic destinations, best books to read, write your autobiography and so on.

In times when the economic independence of a woman is peaking, it’s becoming harder for every Indian unmarried girl to find a man who adapts to her dynamic lifestyle. A man who would accept bold choices, late night meetings, travels, random mood swings, creative space and above all, respect. The neighbourhood aunties bringing the right matches from matrimonial sites for you. Men who are only interested to get you inside their pants or just give you some gyaan on why feminism is a bullshit.

Coming to men’s & why is it difficult to tie the knot at 30-something. Indian men are raised with a basic feeling that women can never be at par their educational and financial status. Forget mental strength and studies that prove unmarried girls/women are on a higher mature curve which is why they marry an elder counterpart. The typical male chauvinism is reflected when you discuss balance sheets of your life – your savings and earnings. They lose it if you win.

Men who claim themselves to be quite the rovers in a real sense after having done their Engineering or MBA’s and affluent being a corporate slave can never match your expectations. Being an unmarried independent woman, you have travelled, read and financially secured yourself that demands a certain set of expectations from a man. And those who fit the bill perhaps would be just a handful and will the destiny make ends meet? Never know.

At the end of it, it’s your achievements and sheer hard work as an unmarried girl/woman that you went through. The making of an independent, strong and bold Indian single woman. You who are proud to lead your life the way you wanted to, you who celebrates with family and friends, shops without taking a look at that price tag anymore. Perhaps, you made a great choice by remaining single, you love yourself a little more every day. You got yourself inked and strut down the street without a fear or pressure.


You slay in those slit dresses and high waist denim, remember age is something we look at with stress. However, it’s just another number, right?