The Most Unbelievable Viral Images Breaking the Internet – January 2017


Talk about being famous, it’s just a matter of a catchy click, post and watches the world go bizarre. Technically speaking, we are so much involved into viral pictures, memes and hilarious posts that it doesn’t bother us to get a bit weird and quirky with all the fun happening around.

After all, losing your mind is a part of life. So, check out these fun, crazy, awe-gaping viral images that made it HUGE in January 2017.

13#SaltBae is Love


This Dubai chef got oh-so-famous overnight for posting his videos of sprinkling salt like this unique gesture. People lost their mind and there are about a million trolls and memes on this guy. Kudos. You’re the winner of our January 2017 viral pictures. The viral posts of Salt Bae are interesting af.

12The Sleeping Beauty


Look at our honorable Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar taking a “power nap” during the Republic Day parade. Such a proud moment for students performing in the early chill morning. Our nation is glued to TV screens while Doordarshan kept focussing on what happened on the podium in the meantime. This viral picture of Indian minister sleeping during the procession was a rage.

11Free beer for Every Sonam Gupta Out There, Care to treat?


Oh well, this infamous incident shall be imprinted in every Indian’s mind and if not, you’re either living under a rock or belong to Harappan civilization. Well, what really mattered was the free beer sponsored by the Beer Café as a consequence of this viral meme on Facebook.

10Currency Crisis


What started as a New Year surprise gift planned by Modi, banning all Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes and people trashing their black money into rivers, burning it and what not. We finally became the victim of this viral picture on whatsapp and social media spreading fake information on these Rs. 1000 notes that never launched. Poor Indians! Viral memes on social media hurt sometimes.

9Winged Devil Exists?


This happened in Arizona when a local resident snapped this spooky viral picture of a winged devil who appeared on the streets shrouded in the dark wings. The viral image was viewed by people all over for more than 90,000 times.

8All hails to Goa plans


While Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister is often mocked at, he gave yet another reason to become a laughing stock in public. During his Goa sojourn, Delhi CM got these snapchat filter flower crown over his head while giving an interview to the media. Twitter had to take over and this viral picture of Arvind Kejriwal wearing snapchat filter is ALL you NEED to see. Period.

7Good times will follow, Listen?


This viral picture of Barack Obama and Narendra Modi was all over Twitter when the two met in the USA. This particular freeze moment is just so hilarious, do we need to say something?

6I just wanted a sugar daddy with zero drama


Melania Trump, the much-trolled character on the internet found herself in shock and apathy when Donald Trump won the US elections leaving this Slovenian model depressed af. This viral picture of Melania Trump was turned into several memes of which Drake’s song suited her best.

5“Quiet” Capella Protest on the Street


An anthem to evoke woman empowerment held Washington DC witnessing as many as 5,00,000 women participants. Alma Har’el was one of them who tweeted saying no one met instead rehearsed the anthem “Quiet” online and they sang together during the protest. This viral tweet of women protesting on the streets is too badass.

4Why should men have all the ejaculation?


When this highly shareable post was first uploaded with an imaginary belief that Hilary will win the presidential post and thereby sign the petition of 52 French women group. As a result, this viral image of Hilary Clinton signing the ban on ejaculating outside of procreation in the United States.

3Nutella or Sugarella?


The viral picture of Nutella as posted on Reddit shows that in a 400 gram of Nutella jar, 227.2 grams is that of sugar and we never thought of gulping down this midnight snack in awfully huge amounts. Are you in a state of shock like us?



What happens when a Philippines President waits for her provincial bus at a gasoline stand at EDSA, people started imitating her pose and the trend #LumiLeniChallenge became a THING. Like seriously, this viral lumileni challenge on the internet with people losing their mind and posting their pictures on the beach, room, street is downright funny.

1Sexting Guide Out in US


How about a little bit learning the acronyms of popular ahem words young chaps are using. We’re only wondering what this viral post of sex acronyms have an effect on parents. This viral post on Facebook featuring a guide on sex is epic.


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