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True, funny, motivational, emotional and inspirational stories of people as they take us to witness their lives through a different perspective.

unmarried girl india

Why being a Single Unmarried Indian Girl is Totally Cool

Yes, I am an unmarried Girl who shuffles between jobs with not a care for security, juggles in metro cities, works restlessly to deliver...
Jadav payeng the forest Man of India

The Unsung Hero: Jadav Payeng who Planted a Forest and beat all the odds

What a disastrous flood did back in 1978 to a remote village of Aruna Sapoi, this man Jadav Payeng proves to be a gem...
Charles Sobraj the serial killer of India known as Bikini Killer

10 Creepiest Serial Killers of Indian History

According to Martha Stout, author and researcher of sociopaths say that these people are generally weird and silent. This is what makes them the most...
No plan is the best plan to find yourself

Why Having No Plan is a Plan in Itself

Flipping through the “how-to” and motivation books before I finally plan my business idea sounds like a fancy dream and works for many too....
depressions signs

Here’s why you need help, Depression is becoming your friend

Do you often find yourself lying in the covers of your bed for a little longer than ever? Do you often blame yourself for...
Sejal lashes out saying that color/size/shape will not be altered to please someone in her body shaming post on Facebook

Dear Women, here’s an open letter on why you’re beautiful in your imperfection

We’re all a little guilty for digging in that chocolate chip ice-cream on late nights in our sweatpants and flipping through fashion magazines, lusting...

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