10 Creepiest Serial Killers of Indian History


According to Martha Stout, author and researcher of sociopaths say that these people are generally weird and silent. This is what makes them the most notorious serial killers India has ever witnessed. With instincts like keeping everything inside themselves and having faced a disturbing childhood makes them quite emotionless.

The reason why they lose their minds and turn sadistic serial killers to please their dark side. Here are a few famously infamous serial killers of India who will bring a chill down your spine.

Charles Sobraj- The Bikini Serial Killer

Born in Vietnam, this suave and polished serial killer would immaculately pan “Trap, Save, Trap” strategy for the foreign tourists. As a tourist guide, he would risk the lives of the guests, gain trust by rescuing them and later kill or poison the tourists to death.

He’s infamously famous as “Bikini Killer” after he burnt a tourist body which was found on the street outside her guest room in Thailand. She was wearing a bikini and no wonder this charming young killer would use tricks to lure away women into his dead end.

Charles Sobraj the serial killer of India known as Bikini Killer
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Thug Behram – The Strategist Serial Killer

Known as the most prolific killers of his time, Behram has more than 930 alleged killings in his kitty from a  span of 1790-1840. The chief of Thugees in the norther-central India, he was believed to rob and kill travelling people ruthlessly using the signature handkerchief.

When the person unconscious, he would collect all the wealth and belongings with his team and stab the victim to death. He was imprisoned and later hung to death in 1840 after having proved he was guilty of 130 murders. Smart chap!

thug behram the serial killer
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And this is how they Strangled the travellers

thug behram strangling travellers

Cyanide Mohan: The agony of marriage

The much popular Casanova for all the wrong reasons who is apparently a primary school science teacher too. Mohan used to lure women on the bus-stop and weeks later propose them for marriage. He would elope women to faraway places and have sex with them a night before their wedding. Then, give them cyanide and flee away with their money and jewellery. Such a heartless and distasteful serial killer.

Not sure what made him to take this route, but the most interesting fact is that Cyanide Mohan was once a Professor who taught English, Science & Mathematics at Shiradi Primary School, rural Mangaluru.

cyanide mohan the serial killer from india
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Cyanide Mallika – Wealth over Faith

This Indian woman teaches us the lesson that faith is nothing but a bad thing to believe in. Mallika would lure in women to come down to temple in their fineries. She would give them prasad after performing the ceremonial rites. And rob the holy worshipers.

HINT: Prasad was a mix of cyanide and lost faith.

cyanide mallika the serial killer
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Beer Man- Mystery behind the empty bottles

What started as a typical Bollywood mystery murder crime, the convicted Ravindra operated from October 2006 till Janaury 2007.

Although proved innocent through probes and investigation, this remains an unsolved mystery case where the dead bodies were found with an empty beer bottle.

beer man Ravindra Kantrole serial killer
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Auto Shankar – Prolific Killer

An unmatched killer during 1988, Auto Shankar was the most notorious serial killers of Indian history with several illegal arracks and local trades in his kitty.

He abducted 9 teenage girls from Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai who were molested by the politicians and later killed by Auto Shankar. He would cremate them and flow their ashes in Bay of Bengal.

auto shankar the serial killer of india
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Nithari Killing – The outburst of human cry

When Moninder Singh, an affluent businessman and Tehlinder Koli, his domestic help ventured into the sick pedophilia with young girls at their massacre godown in an outskirt village of Nithari in Noida, it became a huge media furor.

The Nitharis were accused of killing several girls and organ trafficking when their skulls were found in the said place.

nithari serial killers of india
Image source : IndiaToday

Stoneman Killings- Brutally uncanny

The incident traces back in 1985 in Mumbai when victims head were trashed by an unsuspected killer. The most notorious killer was on the killing spree with a stone as heavy as 30 kg.

The uncanny murders happened in the empty streets where the victims lied alone like a dead fish in the sea until discovered. This mysterious case remains unsolved till date.

stoneman serial killer

Raman Raghav- The schizophrenic killer

Known to have murdered underprivileged dwellers on the roadside with his unique antics. This schizophrenic killer would kill the victims on the train tracks using a heavy metal or stone and flee away.

He was later convicted for his mental disease and died of kidney failure in 1995.

raman raghav serial killer
Image source : Scroll

Darbara Singh- Brutal Baby Killer

In 2004, this man earned a title of Bbay Killer when he sliced the throats of young innocent girls. He killed approximately 15 girls and was sentenced to death .

darbara singh serial killer
Image source : IndiaTV