Dear Women, here’s an open letter on why you’re beautiful in your imperfection

Sejal lashes out saying that color/size/shape will not be altered to please someone in her body shaming post on Facebook
Source – Facebook

We’re all a little guilty for digging in that chocolate chip ice-cream on late nights in our sweatpants and flipping through fashion magazines, lusting over the size zero, flawless beauty sensations. They leave a mark somewhere inside our heads and hearts, evoking a feeling to fight and rebel yet silently immerse in sorrow for perfect is just a myth. How shall the society own audacity to question a woman’s clothes that are defined by the length of her self-esteem, cosmetics she applies that constitutes of 60% fairness creams, 20% aloe vera, 15% home-made ingredients; yes, in that proportion.

Every girl in India goes through this traumatic transition during her 20’s. Why’d you ask? Because she’s good enough to move to another family and good looks don’t come easy in a country where tan is our first color yet fairness is sold on matrimonial pages. Every day, she goes through a series of haunting sessions right from work to home to streets to restaurants, she would feel insecure in her own skin.

Body shaming and slut shaming of women have perhaps become the trend of social media and rising insecurities, depression amongst the female clan is on a rise. From celebrities like Priyanka Chopra to Fatima Sana Sheikh, Deepika Padukone recently called names for their bold choices that the society can’t take. Even when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gained weight post her childbirth delivery, she was mocked on social media with people trolling and laughing away at the women who undergo a plethora of mental and emotional imbalances.

Recently, there is a girl Sejal Pradhan who faced a similar crisis situation when her distant relative, whom she never spoke to for years commented on her picture with an embarrassing remark. What Sejal did certainly left us gaping in awe as she put her screenshot on her wall with a comeback caption that truly reflected the essence of a strong woman.

Speaking of body shaming, fat shaming and slut shaming, we know of these actresses who do the same just like Sejal did with her strong words catapulting the entire stereotype fiasco. However, there is another unique tribe of skinny women and you thought they are saved, well no boy. There are models who face an everyday criticism for being anorexic and thin-skinned, such remarks not only break your confidence but also shatters your hope and dreams to succeed somehow. Oh, that reminds us of the depression case Deepika Padukone underwent when she joined Bollywood, no wonder how many women go through the similar dilemma every day in their life.

Body shaming post on Facebook
Source – Facebook

What Sejal did was worth-applauding but here’s an open letter to all you beautiful women because beauty is a myth, it’s just a terminology that sells a million products under its limelight. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, it is deep within your soul that makes you what you are. It’s time to embrace your imperfections, love your curves however they are, love your thigh gap, however it is, fall in love with yourself again just like you did back then.

When playing dress up at the age of 10 with your mom’s outfits and putting that makeup and her heels, strutting like a queen you were meant to be. Just be who you are. You were not meant to fit in that dress, stand out. Be unstoppable, fearless, powerful and that’s what beauty is all about.