How People Went From Hating Jaime Lannister To Loving Him


Game of Thrones is a show that is rooted in reality. So much so that the scripts present to you the dark sides that everyone has, and the show gives you grey areas of every character for you to play with.

Everyone is a villain, everyone is a hero. Everyone is a sinner, everyone is a saint.

Well, except for this girl!

lena headey from game of thrones
Game Of Thrones (Photo: HBO)

And the white walkers. We really do hate those fast moving people eating malnutrition-ed freaks of nature coming from North of the wall to kill everyone as winter starts on the show in a few episodes.

In the midst of all the different stories on the show is the story of Jamie.

Jaime Lannister

jaime lannister from game of thronesGame Of Thrones (Photo: HBO)

The handsome fighter who is in love with, well, there is no way to say it better, his sister.

Now Jaime Lannister has gotten a lot of criticism, ever since the beginning of the show itself. And for reasons that I and you can think of at the tip of the hat. No one likes incest, after all. But then, the show took us away from that and did some character development on Jaime Lannister, which now shows.

And no, we are not just talking about the hair change, the beard shave, and the chopping off of one hand. He still looks great and fights well though.

This video that is going viral features a compilation of clips from 7 seasons of Jaime Lannister, focusing on the character’s highlights in the show. The three minute and fifteen-second video takes us through the mind of Jaime Lannister, showing us what he says and how he thinks.

The compilation digs into his worst fears and the source of his actions- from coming back from situations unimaginably painful, to stepping in front of a dragon, trying to kill an unarmed Daenerys.