10 Most dangerous Selfies that will make you think twice about adventure


Selfies are making millennials go crazy and there’s no stopping to what this insta-worthy trend has got to offer. Taking snaps from some of the unimaginable places on Earth is not only insane but equally maddening. And the most shocking part: It’s NOT even PHOTOSHOPPED. Yes.

Just imagine visiting Eiffel Tower with your boyfriend for a trip and taking a selfie standing over the picturesque monument. Well, if that sounds mind-boggling, check out these absolutely oh-so-awesome most dangerous selfies ever taken.

Don’t forget a bucket of popcorns and some coke. Enjoy the show!

Wind in my hair, highway police behind my car

dangerous selfie in highway

Source: Instagram

Nesra Vnannenaya loves to travel and click stunning portraits and pictures from her daily life amuse followers on her feed. Apart from breaking stereotypes, she loves to get her adrenaline rushing by posting such random selfie which is sure to knock your guts out.

When wild is your second name

dangerous selfie with lion

Source: imqur

At first glance, this image looks photoshopped but look clearly the focus, color and angles just about make it a perfect click. This excited man is a living proof that animals are not to be scared of, we are totally crushing at their chemistry and companionship.

Up above the world so high

dangerous selfie at burj khalifa top

Source: Instagram

To take this yet another unique and cringeworthy shot, the guy climbed over 2300 m at one of the tallest towers in Dubai. We’re sure he would see every nook and cranny of the city in seconds and the view, well that’s certainly breathtaking. Would you like to get there to snap a selfie for a lifetime?

Look, I’m on the top of the world

dangerous selfie on building roof

Source: Instagram

Crazy is what crazy does and undoubtedly, this adventure junkie guy is quite a fame on Instagram with over a lac people following him all over. Compelling photography skills with a right mix of adventure totally spices up his feed. Talented guy hops for lunch to the tower terrace and enjoys dinner on the edge of a building roof. Being sane is just too passé, isn’t?

Rolling in too deep

dangerous selfie jet skiing

Source: Instagram     

There are adventurers and then there are pros, we’re stunned! This guy featured in Go Pro videos has gained an immediate fanfare. Sporty antics at his best, rolling over his water jet like a boss. We are still struggling to hold the jet straight while riding in the water. Gasps for breath, do not try this people.

Just checking the weather up here

dangerous selfie in Eiffel tower

Source: Instagram

Eiffel Tower in the background, are you talking to me? This talented photographer would mock you because he knows his angles way too better. What’s a better view than an aerial one. James is a professional photographer and garners immense attention on his social media. How about a little romantic proposal over this beautiful monument? Anyone?

Give me some sunshine, give me some air

dangerous selfie at tall building

Source: Instagram

We don’t know what’s cooler than this selfie! Even Superman would feel proud to look at this young gentleman standing comfortable on a fairly tall building in the heart of Budapest. Come, embrace me god and don’t forget you don’t need to wear a cape to be a Superman.

Background Check Outfit Check Hairstyle Check

dangerous selfie on construction crane

Source: Instagram

Look at this guy and his calm composed expression as he easily walks across the electric pole, some thousand feet from the ground. Doesn’t that call for an applause? If you’re sleepwalking, try not to choose this way. And if suicide is on your mind, well, do we need to say further? Ahem!

We ain’t ever getting older

dangerous couple selfie taken at Shenzhen Guandong

Source: Instagram

Mesmerizing aerial view complimented with this love-struck couple going all the way to Shenzhen, Guandong to express stupid crazy love for each other. Indeed, they can’t afford a Rover but climbing over was an easy feat huh, talk about love. It takes you places. Only the good ones. Can’t take our eyes off of this wowsome picture.

Badass Pilot taking a selfie while his flying mission

pilot taking selfie while flying

Ever imagine flying with this badass pilot getting distracted in the middle of his fight for a quick selfie break. Because, why should passengers have all the fun huh? Dare to travel with him?

Source: Instagram