#ModiMeetsTrump: Twitterati trolls Modi and Donald on their first-ever meeting


The much-awaited meeting of the two powerhouses Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump held recently at the United States went beyond the handshakes and hugs. As Twitteratis called it a field day and the infamous pictures are now doing rounds all over.

Sure, the two most important leaders of the world discussed some of the strategic policies to fight terrorism but it looks like they almost kicked our spirits up, we mean on Twitter. And look at how people are reading between the lines just to capture the essence of their oh-so-hilarious jibes.

#ModiMeetsTrump is a series of rib tickling trolls and memes that were posted on Twitter ever since the two met on a friendly note.

What happens when your bae meets you after so long. A compassionate hug and those admirer’s eye. Ah! The feels. 

Modi meets Trump and gives him a hug


When two trolls meet together, it becomes TrumperTroll. Here, Modi sharing a light moment with the first couple of United States.

 Modi caught in a moment with Ivanka and Donald Trump


All hails to the man who came up with this ROFL post. Perhaps, they both succeeded or failed, only time will tell.

Narendra Modi hugging Donald Trump

That’s how you roll a meeting hand-in-hand. Thou looks so much in love. #ModiMeetsTrump here remind us of “Mere Karan Arjun Agaye”


Modi and Trump shake hands in a tryst to accept and follow.


Ditch Ryan Gosling girls, Modi is what dreams are made of! No kidding, Shh…

Modi looking at trump, we all want to be looked at this way


And the never ending memes go on… We can’t resist the picture NO. 3 Bottom Left 😛

Donald Trump and Modi in a nutshell throughout their business meeting at United States


And this is the BAAP of them ALL, whatsay?

Modi meets Trump and shares a good laugh


NO matter what differences, color, height, weight or even your post- HUG like Modi

Donald Trump and Modi embrace a warm hug


This is how we say our last goodbyes to our friends with beautiful young wives, eh!

Ivanka seen bidding farewell to Modi as he shares last words with Trump


From a series of funny, humorous trolls on the powerhouses as they were caught during a few candid moments. From clutching Trump’s hand to hugging while bidding farewell, their first-ever meet has officially turned out to be a hit meme. Look at someone the way Modi looks at Trump or hug someone  the way Modi hugs Trump has gradually attracted fanfare all over.

But jokes apart, the two shared a serious agenda and gave a joint press conference on how to destroy terrorism from its roots. Further to this, discussing about the important India-USA trade and bilateral relations, commitment towards each other was the major topic of discussion.