lily singh viral video

An honest overview of how girls react in relationships portray quite a relatable scenario. Check it out and share with your girlfriend if this reminds you of her ????

Time and again, this super-hilarious Indian origin Canadian vlogger lilly singh has been into serious You Tube making and god forbid, she has totally nailed it. The author of “How to be a Bawse” surely knows how to be one in real and reel like alike.

If you haven’t checked out her super-awesome work yet, you might be living under the rock.

You Tube star Lilly Singh , in her previous interviews has called herself  “A true feminist” and also posted a tweet saying “Feminsim doesn’t equal Man hating”. Well, we totally support you darling and there’s a need for people to understand the clear distinction.

With her new video talking about the relationships from a girl’s perspective, critics might point at her desire to be single. So, we say let the haters gonna hate and we shall keep loving and supporting the real Bawse.

The video showcases a couple’s everyday life and how the woman deals with every little thing with extreme sensitivity. Here’s for all those girls who go through the same weird situations with their partners during a relationship. It’s not about PMS’ing or some crappy old stereotype, Lilly is talking about the real-life situations that make you feel awkward or confused or just terrible.

If you’re someone who feels like her, holds a contradictory belief on relationships, well, then don’t waste a minute and go enjoy this rib-tickling video.

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