Here’s why you need help, Depression is becoming your friend

depressions signs

Do you often find yourself lying in the covers of your bed for a little longer than ever? Do you often blame yourself for not being a good son, a good friend or good man/woman at all? Do you feel the world is chiding you away in its dark realm? You’re not alone. You’re just one of the chosen few who despite of leading a wonderful life, stable relationship, good job and even amazing talents become a prey to this haunting fathom: Depression.

Depression is an enemy that wants you to befriend and shutters the voice of reason

Odds claim this unfaithful and gross friend would make believe you’re nothing but a loser. However, depression is a mental illness, result of imbalances in a chemical reaction inside your body and mind. Especially your mind, it’s a trap that will swallow your deepest desires and give you a feeling that you’re totally losing out on life and opportunities. It’s a strong feeling, hard to get rid of. Depression is a forlorn enemy who doesn’t give a shit on what you are, it can attack anyone irrespective of their status, wealth, fame or stature.

It’s not a made-up theory, Depression is a disease

It is a persistent enemy who will tell you over and over that you’re not enough, you have never been enough and will never be enough. It is a voice that echoes in your mind on those cold days when lying on your bed with insecurities will attack you with sharp words. It is a morphine that you want to gulp down like vodka shots on a chilly evening.

It will pull you down every time it visits you, these are the depression signs, like the symptoms you face when running a high fever or cold or flu. It is a silent killer that will grope you openly and assault you leaving helpless and hopeless.

If you feel you’re battling yourself with depression signs like this, don’t wait for another moment, and rush for help. There are lots of professional therapists, websites, communities that can reach out to you for help and fight the mental disease. If anyone is stopping you to take a step and move, believe us it’s none other than the enemy, the killer- depression.

How will Maple Jar Help You

Maple Jar, is an online counselling platform initiated by Akriti Joanna. They are a team of professional counsellors who have gained an expertise in specific domains thereby lending a helping hand to the victims of depression.

Akriti recently spoke of how India has always been a potential market for mental counselling space yet the openness and mentality of people have changed and evolved over time. With a belief to restore confidence, instill positivity and give you a chance to breathe a new life, Maple Jar is a creative team out there for your assistance.

Counselling and Online Therapists help you

Counselling is a form of medicine for depression and it heals your mental illness by deeply understanding the depression signs and the symptoms. They may vary from person to person but the whole crux results in a healthy mind.

The online therapists will make you feel comfortable and ensure you’re open and transparent. They will treat your symptoms with love and care, help you fight the depression and make you a healthy human being again. After all, the charm lies in residing in a healthy body with a healthy mind.