15 Dark Humor Jokes That Every Indian Will Relate To

Dark Humor Jokes often raise eyebrows because of the explicit content involved but if you’re looking for something sarcastic, morbid and blunt, this post will  take your mind for a little visit to those shady alleys of taboos and stereotypes that live and creep in our country since forever.

Its such tweets and posts on social media that makes you think twice about the prevailing chaos in the country. If you appreciate something sarcastic, downright blunt and distasteful, go check out this ultimate series of dark humor jokes & trolls that’s going to make you feel gross AF. Gear up for the fun guys!

1. Love not even in the time of cholera! #KhapPanchayatPrevails

Dark humor Indian khap panchayat
Source – Twitter

2. Zero Fucks Given to this troll creator.

Vinci In dark humor jokes
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3. How about a little toast and roast with Sula?

dark humor jokes sula wine
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4. Perfectly Sums Up Udta Punjab poster!

dark humor jokes udta punjab
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5. Coach aur Soch Kabhi bhi badal sakte hai

During the latest stint, India’s official coach Anil Kumble stepped down from his position as a result of prolonged nagging and protest from the Indian Cricket team. The team expressed their angst during the ICC World Championship 2017 on their Final match with Pakistan. The boys lost it and sources reveal the reason was the coach behind all the mishap.

dark humor jokes sehwag coach bcci
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6. Did you just say sexism? Oh, that’s an old friend India continues to have.

Sexist dark Humor jokes
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7. Be Safe Mumbaiwalas.

Salman Khan, a name synonymous to the most iconic and popular men taking a center stage in the Bollywood space. He holds an infamous record of killing the buck, men on the footpath and such. Hence a post dedicated to the badass man- still ruling the Indian cinema with action-packed and dramatic movies that quite miss out on the script. Please be careful of Salman’s car if you’re out there on the street tonight.

tubelight movie dark humor joke
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8. Hey Man! Can we just drop that drama for a bit now?

Diplomatic Sita Indian Mythology Dark Humor
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9. When Rahul Gandhi tries to use his BRAIN.

Rahul Gandhi trolls Indian Dark Humor
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10. Imma take a bite first!

Obama Michelle Troll Indian Dark Humor
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11. With all due respect…

Indian cricket Dark Humor
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12. Savage AF. This girl won our heart.

Dhinchak Pooja, a Youtube sensation is making rounds with her awfully gifted voice- how she claims to be and the video featuring a swag group flaunting their Audi and oh-so-cool style. Don’t forget to check her out on YouTube coz she got them millions of views overnight. No kidding!

Dhinchak Pooja Dark Humor India
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13. Killed it.

CID Troll India Dark Humor
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14. JD is still killing Twitteratis

Dark Humor Indian Twitter post
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15. Best-ever Anti-National Anthem

India Dark humor
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Kashmir has always been the most indisputable part of our country with a separate legislation, constitution and a land that has time, and again, increased differences between Pakistan and India is undergoing turmoil. Whether or not to include Kashmir in the National Anthem is the question but it’s time to question ourselves if we really need to?