15 Cringe-Worthy Dank Memes that are Hilarious


Dank memes were first introduced on platforms like Reddit to make people go ROFL for some explicit content on the highly viral posts. Turning the fate of viral pictures and videos into something so hilarious is totally an art to master. Well, think of fidget spinners, ugly and notorious figures slamming your social media for the much-revered attention, welcome to the place loaded with ultimate dank memes.

Here, take a look at some of the hilarious dank memes created to satiate your appetite.

Pringles Pizza Feast

pringles dank meme
Via Twitter

What if your pizza base and cheese crate is over, splurge on the finger-licking Pringles Pizza pack. Not enough cheese to fulfill your lust? Well, how about some topping ?

An oath to save the world

hitler dank meme
Via Instagram

All this time when Hitler took an oath and establish Nazi, why didn’t our teachers tell us about the hot dog standing beside? We’re so disappointed.

Every Couple in the world

woman on man sleeping meme
Via Instagram

Oh, so when the couple makes out, what happens next is downright hilarious and surprising. The thoughts running in woman’s mind are totally paradoxical than those running in the man’s. Call it a balance, maybe?

And that’s an awful goal

golfer meme
Via Twitter

Is it not 1st yet?

nigga meme
Via Instagram

Explains the story of our life when the month is nearing a dead-end and all you think of is going to work on foot, cab or friend’s ride.

Officially Engaged

pregnant dog meme


Via Instagram

If you’re a dog lover, we feel you but this is absolutely ridiculous. Or maybe absofuckinglutely crazy!

Love is Blind Babe

fidget spinner as engagement gift

Via Twitter

Eminem be cool like that

eminem meme dank

Via Instagram

Evolution of a banana

banana duck meme

Via Twitter

Feeling the floor

floor is lava meme

Via Twitter


heart beat while mobile missing
Via Twitter

This guy is from 3017

william facebook meme
Via FB

Ain’t nothing like a Power Nap 

sleeping dank meme
Via Instagram

All day, every day! And don’t you cry because it’s perhaps the best beauty sleep you need. Look at these gorgeous ladies of the past sleeping like a boss. We wanna wake up with rose flushed cheeks and flawless skin.

Open Letter 

john kennedy meme

Via Twitter

The struggle is real

fidget spinner dank meme

Via Twitter


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