This Revolutionary Anti Spice Pill can take the Spice out of Spicy Food


From time to time, Good Mythical Morning– a channel on YouTube with two very talented and food-passionate frontmen Rhett & Link, have been giving us interesting videos that are centred around food.

good mythical morning anti spice pill explanation
Good Mythical Morning Youtube

And successfully, so far, they have included almost everything delicious and intriguing from tasting different foods, comparing them, food challenges (including, of course, the world’s hottest pepper challenge with the infamous Carolina Reaper) and more.

At one point recently, they even had Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington from Linkin Park on the show to help them figure out if music can affect the taste of food that we sense. The so-called experiment had the members of Linkin Park play them some songs they had hashed out on food while that food item was being eaten by the two hosts.

good mythical morning anti spice video
Good Mythical Morning Youtube

Needless to say, that was a blast!

This time, they are back with a food tasting (that has now become a viral video) you wouldn’t forget. In one of their recent episodes, that is now taking the internet by storm, Rhett and Link try out a ‘magic pill’ that can reduce the spiciness of any food.

This pill is called the ‘anti-CAP’ and is titled as a neutralizing tablet, the anti spice pill ???? 

These pills basically need to be kept on your tongue until they completely dissolve. Once done, they affect the taste buds, or ‘receptors’ on your tongue in a way that makes things ‘less spicy.’

antispice pill for food
Good Mythical Morning Youtube

Before shooting the video, they had tried the pill on every member of their crew, including ‘Ellie,’ whom they call the queen of all things non- spicy.

And now, it was time for them to check out if the pill was a real deal or will it give their mouths a fiery feel!

But lost in the middle of all the ‘Herbs’ in the pill, the website of the company, the pill’s effects on the crew and the food they had planned for the experiment, was something that actually made the video go viral.

Is it real? Is it possible? Does this anti spice pill work?

Watch what happens once they actually get to trying peppers and spicy foods after taking ‘the magic pill.’

Take a look over the video yourself: