Admit It, You’re a True Blue Indian If You Post Such Photos on Social Media


Social media buffs, here’s something you will relate to if you’re someone from the tribe who would post photos of every damn thing in your life. Right from clicking a photo of what you had for breakfast to telling your friends where you’re headed to or just flaunting what you just bought.

Smitten by the love bug of social media, we all have “been there done that” yet this almost hilarious post is dedicated to every such Indian who loves to post photos that are random and irritating for your peers. Well, you can thank us later 😉

So, let’s get started!!

How I started my day! #GoneIn60Seconds

Food photo on social media

Just give me a break and don’t make me feel jealous right away in the morning. When I’m trying to figure out whether I should snooze my alarm or go to damn work, this food post is an utter distraction.

Look, we’re engaged! Yay- Save The date Fools.

indian pre wedding shoot viralfeed

The burgeoning trend of dressing, posing and clicking those highly-dramatic Pre-Wedding photos by a professional photographer is insane. Labelled with sarcastic puns and intimate PDA’s, we had a good share of Pre-Wedding photos. Spare us you love folks.

Here’s the next big photographer on block

Are you a photographer in making? We don’t mean to offend you but please don’t post such photo with that professional DSLR in your hand. Please. It’s downright fake and distasteful as photography is an art, not a fancy profession you thought of.

Fashion is my alter-ego. I worship fashion. Therefore. Fashion Blogger. Easy!

Here you’re measuring every road, every street, restaurant, bar, monument, metro station and every fancy place to get your picture clicked. Because, wait ( flips hair 90 degree and gives a surprised look) I’m a fashion blogger. Bruh! We’re really not interested to see your candid photos that are 100% photo shopped and 200% makeup proof.

Oh! Look Sunset. I never saw that before.

Sunset photo social media

My pout is better than yours. Period.


Just so you know- Duck faces and pouts are an extreme form of social media violation. You end up embarrassing yourself without even realizing it. Such pout photos are a Big NO NO. Please, don’t throw at social media without thinking twice.

Here’s what I wore today! #OOTD

indian girls posing for pics

Could we borrow your clothes if we comment on this photo? No, right? Then, please stop posting photos of your goddamn #OOTD that makes us feel we’re the only odds with a pair of denims and 3 tops.

Woohoo! One more from my travel diaries…

indian girl at beach

Go, bitches burn, I’m relaxing by the beach in Manila with a beer in my hand. WTF! Such photos from your travel sojourn may make you look cool but consider the heights of being too vocal about it. We got it the moment you checked in at this beach- why this proof duh.

Meet this hot dude

indian guy selfie showing off gym body
There are some weird creatures who love to flaunt their semi naked body via selfies and post photos on social media. Wow. How enticing is that. But, honestly if you kept them in your gallery and stare at them till you go ROFL on the floor, we would so appreciate the efforts.

And the words of wisdom here…

Religious quote on social media

We all know that one person in our friend group who would post such religious posts on a group. We end up blocking that person. But these photos on social media can’t be blocked guys, so let’s be real. Post your personal stuff, don’t just preach around.

Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj

dhinkchak pooja selfie viral

Like seriously, what kind of question that. It’s me of course. I take 100 selfies and post 1 because I’m sexy and I know it. If that’s you, we’re going to find you and delete that photo with a freaking filter right now. And don’t expect your selfie to become viral as Dhinchak Pooja’s.

PDA Alert

intimate couple photo social media

How cute is that? We love mushy couples but posting photos every now and then declaring platonic love for each other is totally mind-boggling for us. There are single men and women who probably are judging you.

Sandy legs on the beach

indian girls showing legs on sandy beach

Are you soaking the sun or shooting your bare legs and posting that photo on social media. Filter applied. We’re surely not getting any clues here, your check-in was enough to get the idea.

Me and My Valentine

pet selfie social media

Who needs a date when I have got dogs! Rightly put across through this crazy selfie and we agree dogs are the most adorable companions for life. However, we’re quite done with such posts so frequently where your dogs have take over your profile. We have forgotten what you actually look like.

Cheap Thrills Mode On

Beer toast on social media

And to those who pass out on a Friday night, a couple of drinks and social media posting. Check-in at the fancy bar and then such beer toasts make a guest appearance. We ain’t interested to see what label makes you a MAN.

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