#20YearsOfHarryPotter: Terribly Tiny Tales weaves magic through words, bringing back the series memories


Terribly Tiny Tales popularly known to craft magic through words and transport the readers into a fictional fantasy world through their brilliant storytelling worth 140 characters. They celebrated 20 years of Harry Potter by creating compelling letters.

We couldn’t resist but share this beautiful tribute TTT has paid on this spectacular day of 20 Years of Harry Potter written by the talented wonder woman J.K Rowling. How effortlessly did she narrate a powerful plot with strikingly amazing characters that give us chills down the spine till date.

Right from the trio protagonists to all the beautiful characters like Snape, Sirius, Dummbledore and more, we all have our pick and this series has quite a many untold truths that teach us a lot many things at once. TTT just took the stride and lured us in all over again into their proactive story-telling den.

Check out the famous #20YearsOfHarryPotter posts on TTT’s Instagram page. A few snippets below:

20 years of Harry Potter Snape

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TTT wrote terribly tiny letters to their favorite characters who were an inspiration for all of us and their veteran qualities has helped us admire us beyond words. Here’s a letter quoting “From the evil grandson of Doom to the carer who hid behind the veil of darkness, Severus, you are an inspiration beyond what words can measure and put on paper”

Sirius character from Harry Potter

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Followed by Sirius Black, the one who spent his life in a wrongful imprisonment and when he got freed, yet chained in the armors to hide himself.  As he tried to prove his innocence, he couldn’t help but die as a murderer.

20 years of Harry Potter Ron, best friend of Harry Potter, supporting character

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And then follows is Ron, the character we all closely followed and acknowledged as one awkward teenager who fell in and out of love voraciously, made impulsive decisions only to repent later, yet there’s a corner that screams his name out loud.

 20 Years of Harry Potter celebration

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It’s been 20 years since Harry Potter was first kept in the stands. On 26th June 1997 there live a boy who embarked on a journey to find his parent’s murdered and kill him. There were mysteries, plots, thrills and chills that still give us all the reasons to go back and give it a read.

Hermoine, best friend of Harry Potter 20 years of Harry Potter

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The most inspirational, courageous and a girl who changed the dynamics of being a girl. Hermione, stood for the righteousness and displayed valor and faith to protect her peers in every situation. We still cry at the corner when we find her unable to resist the demon with her spells.

TTT celebrated the iconic 20 years of Harry Potter and how it cast a spell on all of us. With magnanimous characters to larger than life plot and lots of mysteries unraveled, it was a journey worth taking.