15 Funny Cartoons on Indian Politics That Will Make You Go ROFL ????


Ain’t no pun like the one on the funny cartoons and what’s better than being funny through illustrations than being plain gibberish. Cartoon artists have long been denied respect and due credibility, however, ever since the print media came into existence, the liberty to express your thoughts through words and sketches became viable.

Today, we all follow them, know them and love them for their unique art and cringe-worthy puns at times. So, let the roller coaster of funny cartoons begin:

O Womaniya

Not long before did Rahul tried to stand, Sushma is here to knock him yet again. The match is quite interesting and so is the result 😛

Lok Sabha Funny Cartoons
Image source: Pinterest

Silence is Gold Believer

This funny cartoon is so much on point. Manmohan fits our zipper mouth guy totally.

manmohan singh funny cartoons
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Such an Irony

Let go of your work because those who don’t climb a longer ladder to success. Gotcha? This funny cartoon illustrates Sonia to be a work chiller.

sonia and rahul chilling funny cartoon
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Corruption Villa

sonia villa funny cartoon
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Excuse me’ Madame?

This funny cartoon fits the Gandhi family and Congress party so perfectly. With scams and controversies in their kitty, they have the audacity to keep questioning Modi Government. Quite a fool’s diplomacy!

sonia modi funny cartoon
Image source: Pinterest

Rockstar Robert

The funny cartoon showcasing the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, Robert Vadera, caught in the scam and shows his forte of being as much a fool like the Congress.

Robert Vadera Funny Cartoon
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Another Hit

After 3 mistakes of my life penned by Chetan Bhaga, we’re so looking forward to reading about Manmohan’s  4 mistakes. This funny cartoon makes us go weak in our knees.

4 mistakes of manmohan singh funny cartoon
Image source

Fool’s Foe

sonia rahul gandhi funny cartoon
Image source: Pinterest

Chalein friends?

Shinchan and his friends are out on a mystery solving. Well, this time it’s about GST and this funny cartoon captures the essence of our feelings. Time to head to the village.

GST funny cartoon

Image source: Pinterest

What a Take

sandeep adhwaryu Funny Cartoon

And one more

India v/s Israel Funny Cartoon

Back Off Trump

G 20 Funny Cartoon

Millionaire Dalits

When the news spread like fire, we’re sure such comic strips touch your heart just like it does to us. They be the best politicians, know?
Dalit funny cartoon

Being Dikra

For those of you who aren’t aware what Dikra stands for, in Parsi community, it’s referred to a son who is still having amateur traits. Here, in this funny cartoon, it is used as a pun.
soda bottle funny cartoon

Trump Wars begin

North Korea president funny cartoon


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