15 Dekh Bhai Memes You will Relate to If You’re An Indian Millennial


Dekh Bhai memes are perhaps every Indian guy’s favourite troll resort. Not that we are generalising but you know you can easily create your own funny stuff out here with characters varying from Dekh Bhai to Dekh Behen, Dekh BC, Jo Baka and all the fancy quirky names you can think of.

What started as an ordinary series of funny trolls has today certainly reached more than a lakh people all over, needless to say, the light humorous stuff always gets on our nerves. While you’re waiting to get your hands on this, come read some of the insane shit and get your ass on the floor 😛

Weekend Done Right

cheap thrills dekh bhai meme

Just add a large bucket of Popcorn and Booze too! Go, dance away your miseries, it’s Friday night!

Explains Life of Every Millennial

snooze dekh bhai meme

And remember to be back home before 11 PM said every Indian Parent on Saturday night. This Dekh Bhai meme explains everything.

All Day-ErrDay

fidget spinner dekh bhai meme

Cos I wanna look cool on social media spinning that weird thing on-the-go. Are you part of the Fidget Spinner tribe too? Go get yourself some Dekh Bhai meme dose.

Cricket Or Eggs?

Cricket’s eggs, well, why fuss over India V/S Pak when you got eggs to be happy.

dekh bhai ande egg meme

At least you will have better “connection” with friends and family. Woah, Nuff’ said.

dekh bhai jio reliance

Money Matters

dekh bhai doctor meme

Go Mum or Go Home

dekh bhai faltu memes
What we all go during long tiring days and our friends keep pushing us to take our temper on them, well, not anymore we’d say.

Me, You and Bacardi?

dekh bhai aukaat

Let’s say it with a toast! What’s the friendship without a drama and millions of hilarious stories?

Said It ALL..

dekh bhai india memes

Gotcha Bad Cop?

dekh bhai rahega

I am a Senti-Mental Guy

dekh bhai pyar love

Kya Samjha?

dekh bhai meme ladkiya

Basics and Briefs

dekh bhai meme jockey

Chillax Bhai

dekh bhai exam meme

Don’t you wanna sit and stare at gorgeous girls passing by? Exams – we keep writing them Bhai every four months :p

More of Dekh Bhai memes to come.

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