The Most Bizarre Pictures that put the “Aww” in AWESOME


Sure, we know how trolls and memes feed us throughout the day and keep our appetite full. Right from the chill scenes in Hollyweed to Oscar controversy, we know it all and troll it all. Ahem. March 2017 saw some of the spectacular posts that got us groovin’ and boomin’ like these super hilarious posts. Social media is flooded with such viral pictures every now and then, so, let’s check out what’s so cool about March’17 viral posts.

Move Aside Mia,we got Meryl

Meryl Streep viral picture march 2017


The veteran actress Meryl Streep was seen singing along with her favorite artist on stage during the Oscars and the rest remains history. We don’t know what she was up to. This viral picture of Meryl Streep blew minds of people all over and the internet is broke.

Leaving at work on Friday feels like this

Viral picture March 2017


The most shareable tweet all over social media featuring a man in a video conference while his little son distracts him all the way. This viral video on social media has been downright funny.


The Romp

Viral picture march 2017 senate


Now, you know what to answer to that teacher who calls you diplomatic! This viral meme of the Senate makes us go cray every time we see it.

Setting the upside trend

Viral picture march 2017 painting


Gifted artists Denise and Valentina painting the iconic portraits of William III and Mary II at the Painting Hall, which is popularly known as the Sistine Chapel of the UK at Greenwich. They paint the historic images on the rooftop and this viral image of rooftop painting is indeed a catastrophe.

Alpine skydiver viral picture march 2017


Life is just too short to not take risks perfectly captured in this image. The sporty spirit of the former sky alpine racer and 2010 Olympic Champion Swiss Didier Defago is perfectly captured in the essence of this picture. This viral picture of the sky alpine racer instantly garnered attention.

Tiny Trump with Putin

Tiny Trump viral picture with Putin


The viral trolls of #TinyTrump are too good, internet can’t stop sharing. Look at their father-son bonding giving us all the goals.

RIP Redbone

Viral Picture March 2017


Last year, Childish Gaambino launched her song Redbone, The Album’s second song, the kind that, got fans on this meme all over. The sleeper hit song became a viral video overnight on social media and you need to hear it if you haven’t already.

Khaleeding to success

Beyonce Viral Picture 2017


Asahd Khaeed, son of a plush DJ Khaleed, has risen to popularity through an executive producer credit, Ferrari, and his own meme shrine. How awesome is that? This viral picture of Beyonce with Asahd got him like how’s business, it’s boomin’.

Why Trump Why?

Liberals trump viral picture March 2017


Every time Trump takes to Twitter, either we’re looking for a dictionary or just a handy book on how to deal with jerks. The viral meme on Twitter was posted when Trump referred to orb and the world went bizarre. Oh, he meant bro guys. Gotcha?

When your crush gets a new date

white winking man viral picture


Go check out this quirky gif posted on Twitter with exorbitant shares on social media. This man is totally cracking up with his unusual wink eye expression. This viral video on twitter is a proof that we all are just so same within. Confused sperms, eh!

Bravo! Worth a thousand words

Women protest Viral picture march 2017


During the protests against Trump governance, when slogans like “This pussy grabs back” and “My body My Choice” there was Angela Peoples, director of LGBTQ Empowerment organization GetEqual, holding a poster to educate the people.

If Twitter were a person

Viral picture Twitter March 2017



Grabbing three major controversies in this single meme, this viral post by Chris Melberger was a winner. From the US dragging incident to Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial and Sean Spicer’s inaccurate comments.

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